About Go Gorilla Movers

We are a young company, started out 1 March 2014 when owner Brad Briscoe left his old partnership within another moving company.

We have a set team of hard working guys who are trained and skilled. The team is polite and will attend to your requests immediately on site.

We have three Nissan Interstar High Roof panel vans 2.5 Diesel in  our fleet, equipped with a tow bars for the larger moves. We also have two custom built trailer in our fleet. These trailers are 4m long by 1.8 m wide and if we need to erect the custom rain covers we have a limit of 2.2m in height. We generally fit a full 2 bedroom content in 1 van plus trailer combo.

We move many 3 and 4 bedroom homes these days and will then reserve two or three vehicles and trailer combo’s to get the move done in good time.

Moving Fleet

Brad Briscoe – Managing Director – Age: 38

Brad Briscoe

After spending 4 years as a lead eLearning course animator and developer, I decided spending my life in an office was just not for me. I enjoy meeting new people and human interaction and love being able to get out there and experience new things daily as this job certain does provide.

When I decided to make my great escape from the corporate world I joined a mate in a his moving business venture and am greatful for the lessons learnt in my time within his company. Unfortunately friendships and partners can be a difficult thing and we decided to go our own ways.

1 March 2014 I opened Go Gorilla Movers as a part time venture while I was still freelancing in the eLearning and web building world. Go Gorilla was never intended to take off as it did, but loving my new freedom and the business side to running my own thing, here we are today.

We have become a well known and well loved business and have extended the fleet and business drastically within our first 2 years.

For some time things had got way beyond what I could handle with a single van and I started looking to take on a partner to help me take Go Gorilla Movers into the future. 13 April 2015 Sean Dettmann came onboard and spent a month training with me out in the field. Today Sean has to be one of the best in this industry. He runs with the Gorilla A team and they are an excellent moving team.

Sean Dettmann – Director – Age: 35

Sean Dettmann

Having worked in Port Elizabeth 9 years for a well respected company in the weighing industry as a technician and verification officer I wanted to relocate and seek new adventures in Cape Town. Brad offered me this great opportunity within this successful business and I couldn’t let it pass.

Still fresh and new but never a challenge too tough I am willing to push myself into new things and grow throughout the learning curves. Joining the company has opened me up new possibilities and I put pride and care into making things work smoothly.